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10th International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network

Our colleague Alissa van Zijl presented her paper at the 10th Biennial International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network.

The aim for the 10th International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network is to map efforts in linking HRM to sustainability and to bring together international scholars to reflect on the progress, to present state-of-the art current scholarly work in the field, and to define avenues for further research.

The mission of the Dutch HRM Network is aimed at stimulating fundamental and societal relevant scientific research in the field of the employment relationship. The research focus of the HRM Network ('the employment relationship') is well-defined and outlined. Different levels of analysis of the employment relationship (individual level, team/group level, functional/organizational level, national level, and international level) are taken into account in an approach to capture the complexity of reality. Input from multiple disciplines is indispensable (including: psychology, sociology, industrial relations, business administration, economics, and law).

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The State of Local Welfare: Devolution of welfare state arrangements and the implementation, organization and management of welfare services